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April 2018: Hot Off the Press

The adur art trail guides with my cover artwork have arrived!

Don't they look lovely?

This year I'll be showing my artwork at
Venue 1: Carats Cafe in Southwick,
Venue 4: Shoreham Art Gallery
Venue 6: St Mary de Haura, and
Venue 8: Centrepiece.

January 2018: ingénu/e

I'm delighted to appear in the current print edition of ingénu/e magazine, which you can pick up for free at galleries, art centres, hotels, tourist information points, art, craft and music shops, theatres, and other such outlets across the south of England, including of course alongside my artwork at Shoreham Art Gallery.

You can also view the online edition here.

December 2017: Bears Ears

As Trump progresses further and further beyond parody, I find myself less and less able to control my incredulity at every single thing he says or does.

Amongst an ongoing catalogue of assorted environmental and human rights atrocities, Trump recently issued two proclamations to remove federal protections from roughly 2 million acres in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments, which is the largest reduction of public lands protections in U.S. history. 

I've made the artwork on the right (or possibly not on the right, depending on what device you're using) for Creative Action Network, to help spread the word - it's time to stand together to protect our parks, our monuments, and our planet.

November 2017: It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmas

Well, Halloween has been and gone, and apparently that means it's time to start your seasonal shopping even though you still have half a bag of trick or treat sweets to get through and you haven't managed to pick the last bits of fake cobweb off of your soft furnishings yet.
Personally, I won't do any of my Christmas shopping until December (and in some cases not until January...) but it's about now that people start asking me for my Merry Fishmas cards, so I've put them back up on etsy just for the more organised amongst you :)

All the love, Candy.

October 2017: Inktober

It's that time again! Every day in October I'll be making a pen and ink sketch for one of the daily prompts in Jake Parker's Inktober. You can see the sketches daily on my instagram, twitter and facebook.

Last inktober everyone loved my sausage dog in the bath so much that this year I'll be drawing him for every prompt :) If you'd like to commission a portrait of your pet, just get in touch.

All the love, Candy.

August 2017: eXXhibition in London

The eXXpedition girls, with whom I was resident artist in the Caribbean last year, are currently sailing round Great Britain aboard the Sea Dragon, spreading #oceanoptimism and raising awareness of plastic pollution.

I'll be joining them on the London leg of their journey at the following events:

August 31st I'll be running a free drop-in workshop upcycling beach litter into art at St Katherines Docks, where Sea Dragon will be berthed. More details here.

I'll also be showing people around Sea Dragon and talking about our mission on September 1st, more here.

And on the weekend of 2 and 3 September I'll be at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, upcycling with Jo Atherton of Flotsam Weaving. More here.

Hope to see you there, you can also catch coverage of all the eXXpedition Round Great Britain events on Sky Ocean Rescue.

All the love, Candy

July 2017: Brighton Journal

Had a lovely interview with Laura at Brighton Journal; you can read about my latest work, upcycling, #oceanoptimism, saving the world and smashing the patriarchy here.

All the love, Candy.

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