About Me

Candy Medusa is an artist, illustrator, marine biologist and loudmouth, constantly confused as to why artists' statements are supposed to be in the third person. 

Specialising in digital media, pen and ink, mixed media and upcycling, she draws much of her inspiration from nature and is passionate about the environment. She mostly makes art between midnight and 4am when the kids are asleep.

Candy has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, including with the Royal Society of Marine Artists at Mall Galleries in London and with Creative Action Network in America and Bahrain. Candy has illustrated numerous book and album covers, including 'Above and Beyond' for Deep Purple, and has illustrated posters for environmental organisations such as the National Parks Conservation Association, Greenpeace, Earth Justice and Global Zero.

Candy is also the founder of the eXXhibition project,raising awareness of plastic pollution, organising beach cleans and workshops, and upcycling beach litter into art. Candy has been resident artist aboard two science vessels, sailing the Caribbean and the Pacific, conducting outreach and research into marine plastic pollution.

For commissions, exhibitions, gallery representation, workshops, talks, private tuition, or just to say hi, do get in touch.

Some Stuff I Did

This one time, I won an international competition to design a CD cover for the legendary Deep Purple. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

I did this CD art as well. Patchwork Cacophony may not be as famous as Deep Purple, but you can't go wrong with a dancing badger.

I was asked to rotoscope some frames for the animation 'Shadow's Gonna Get You' for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'HitRECord on TV'.
The animation was shown on US TV on pivot, and this is a picture of one of my frames on the big screen at the L.A. premier party.
(photo credit Leslie Langée, @LawnJay)

Loved taking part in this project :)
I was approached by the World Cetacean Alliance to represent the wild and free spirit of the captive orca Malia on a whale tail sculpture. The tail was exhibited at WhaleFest and then auctioned to raise funds for the WCA.


2024 Adur Art Trail, Skyway Gallery, Shoreham UK

2024 A Special Place, Shoreham, UK

2024 Brighton Artists Open Houses

2024 Brighton Arts Council Annual Exhibition, Brighton, UK

2023 Plastics, Littlehampton Museum, UK

2023 Brighton Artists Open Houses Winter, Brighton

2023 Twitter Art Exhibit, Vancouver

2023 Sussex by the Sea, Shoreham, UK

2023 Skyway, Shoreham, UK

2023 Brighton Arts Council Annual Exhibition, Brighton, UK

2022 For the Beauty of the Earth, Shoreham, UK

2022 Adur Art Trail, Artists' Open Houses, Shoreham, UK

2022 Twitter Art Exhibit, York, UK

2020 Galapagos illustrations, Montague Gallery, Worthing, UK *cancelled due to Corona virus*

2020 Adur Art Trail *cancelled due to Corona virus*

2020 Art for Social Change, Canessa Gallery, San Francisco

2019 Adur Arts Collective Summer Exhibition, Shoreham, UK

2019 Fauna and Flora, Shoreham, UK

2019 Underwater Exhibition, Gosport Diving Museum, UK

2019 REclaim Community Recycling Festival Exhibition, Shoreham, UK

2019 Hove Park Arts Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival

2019 Twitter Art Exhibit, Edinburgh

2019 March of the Mermaids Fin-Raiser, Brighton

2019 Brighton Arts Council Spring Exhibition, Brighton

2019 Refill Shoreham Launch Event, Shoreham, UK

2019 Montague Gallery pop-up, Worthing, UK

2018 eXXhibition at Carats, solo show, Shoreham Harbour, UK

2018 Centrepiece, Adur Art Trail, Shoreham, UK

2018 Journeys, Shoreham, UK

2018 Sussex Pink Week Pop-Up Brighton

2018 Twitter Art Exhibit, Canberra, Australia

2018 Brighton and Hove Arts Council Spring Exhibition, Brighton

2018 Montague Quarter pop-up, Worthing, UK

2018 Hotwalls Spring Exhibition, Portsmouth

2017 with Stabilo, Olympia, London

2017 Longest Night, Portsmouth, UK

2017 eXXhibition at St Katharine Dock, London

2017 In Utero, Portsmouth, UK

2017 Face the Music, Portsmouth, UK

2017 eXXhibition at Junkyard Dogs, solo show, Brighton, UK

2017 Underwater Exhibition, The Diving Museum, Gosport, UK

2017 Adur Arts Collective Summer Exhibition, Shoreham, UK

2017 Twitter Art Exhibit, Stratford upon Avon, UK

2017 Brighton Arts Council Spring Exhibition, Brighton, UK

2017 Endangered, Hotwalls Studios, Portsmouth, UK

2017 Glitternips, Brighton, UK

2016 Synesthesia, Brighton, UK

2016 Installation for March of the Mermaids, Brighton, UK

2016 TIDES, San Francisco, US

2016 Ecology, Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, UK

2016 Centrepiece, Adur Festival, Shoreham, UK

2016 Moments, Shoreham Art Gallery, UK

2016 illustration Exhibition, Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, UK

2016 Picture Book exhibition, Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton, UK

2016 eXXhibition at the Tempest (lead artist), Brighton Fringe Festival, UK

2016 Twitter Art Exhibit, New York.

2016 Brighton Arts Council Spring Exhibition, UK

2016 Resident Artist aboard Sea Dragon with eXXpedition

2016 Untangled, ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK

2016 Philematology, Brighton, UK

2016 The Telegraph's Outdoor Show, Excel, London, UK

2016 Demand Zero, San Francisco, US

2015 Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition 2015, Mall Galleries, London.

'works by some of the most celebrated marine artists at work today'  

2015 #JoinThePack Launch, San Francisco, US

2015 Brunswick Town Art Fair, Brighton, UK

2015 HitRECord on TV Premier Party, L.A., US

2015 Poets Garden Studio AOH, Brighton, UK

2015 Twitter Art Exhibit, Moss, Norway.

2015 WhaleFest, Brighton, UK

2014 See America, US Embassy, Bahrain

2014 Minge Fringe, Brighton Fringe Festival, UK

2014 Hopes and Dreams, Worthing, UK

2014 See America, touring the US

2014 Twisted Tales, Brighton, UK

2014 Downtown 81, Brighton, UK

2014 Terra Nova, Brighton, UK

2013 Recovering the Classics, touring the US

2012 Emergence, Brighton, UK

2012 An Expressive Audience, Shoreham, UK

2012 Adur Festival, Shoreham, UK


'Working with Candy to turn the vague idea of what I wanted into a concept has always been easy and I've been really pleased with all the sets of artwork she's produced for me.' - Ben, Patchwork Cacophony

'F**k me, you're talented' - Maude, Brighton

'Not a vacuous pr*ck' - Luke, Lewes

'Candy is simply a great artist. For our debut CD album release she made a series of unique and utterly compelling designs that served not only as cover art but also as a logo for the band. And then she went and made more - many, many more - so that our CD was simply bursting with striking imagery!!' - Marcus, Broken Parachute

'Wowsers!' - Charlie, age 5

'You are an absolute diamond, I love you' - Marcus Mandible, Brunt Poetry

Press and Whatnot

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'Beauties Save the World' documentary (please note the title was nothing to do with me)

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