eXXhibition is a not-for-profit eco-art project,
raising awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Founded by Candy Medusa.


The documentary of eXXpedition in the Caribbean can now be viewed here.

(please ignore the title, I didn't choose it...)

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Plastic Pollution

Plastic. It wasn't really the best idea anyone has ever had, was it? I mean, I know it's handy and all that, but it seems to hang around for longer than you'd like. 

This causes problems that such as vast areas of floating garbage, beaches covered in plastic pollution, and sea birds so full of lighters and bottle tops that they starve to death because they can't fit any actual food into their stomachs.

Plastics pollution also gives rise to microplastics. Teeny tiny bits of plastic, that hang around in the environment for years and years and years, and get ingested and incorporated into the tissues of a whole bunch of organisms, and, ultimately, us. At present no one really knows just how dangerous microplastics are, but I'm thinking they probably aren't great.


In March 2016 I became the resident artist aboard the Sea Dragon, sailing the Caribbean with the all-female eXXpedition crew to learn about, and raise awareness of, plastics in our oceans and in our bodies, and the damage toxics do to our environment and ourselves.

As part of this project I seek to better understand the possible link between environmental exposure to pollution and negative impact on women’s health. Breast cancer rates in young women are on the rise, but women’s specific disease research has a low public profile in the media and there is an imbalance in research funding directed towards gender specific diseases.

I also bring attention to the lack of diversity in gender and race role models in both science / technology professions and in exploration. As an eXXpedition ambassador I am part of a crew of inspiring female role models, helping to redress the balance.


Branching out from the established eXXpedition project, I have set up my own not-for-profit ecological art project, eXXhibition, disseminating my new found knowledge and a message of #OceanOptimism by engaging people through art. 

eXXhibition is an ongoing series of group and solo art shows, which convey the impacts of plastic pollution and what we can do about it, through artistic media. I also run workshops where people can learn about the problem and create their own artwork from upcycled beach trash to spread the word further, as well as talks and citizen science beach cleans.

If you would like to help or take part, just get in touch.

You can find out about the latest eXXhibition shows, beach cleans and workshops here,

and keep up to date on facebook and twitter, using the hashtag #eXXhibition

eXXhibition is a not-for-profit project which was made possible by kind donations and a successful kickstarter campaign. Thank you again to everyone to has supported and continues to support this project.

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