Album Artwork

Making illustrations for music is one of my favourite things, as I get to listen to and experience the music, and then, in close collaboration with the musicians, interpret that into visual art.

I won an international competition to design a cover for Deep Purple, and welcome commissions from local, national and international artists of all genres. Tiered pricing: Artist Union England daily rates for big names / very reasonable rates for those who are just starting out. If you'd like to discuss artwork for your music, do get in touch. Here are some examples of my work:

Broken Parachute - Down is the New Up

Patchwork Cacophony - Patchwork Cacophony

Marcus Mandible - DWAI / Stash Tin / Bukowski

Patchwork Cacophony - Five of Cups (including initial sketches)

Kashgar - Kashgar

Ajay Srivastav - Karmic Blues

Broken Parachute - Living Dangerously 

Concept Sketches for the Living Dangerously artwork

Some music related stuff I've done that never got used for anything, but I still like it :) 

I don't own the rights to the names or likenesses you see here.

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