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Okay, that's a lie. It's not the latest. It's not even news. Because I never get around to updating it. So let's just call it
'Here's Some Stuff I did at Some Point'

November 2021: Black Friday deals for those that do that: 

Redbubble is offering a discount of 20-60% with code CYBER5, my stuff is here.

Society6  have a bunch of discounts that I can't quite understand how they've done the maths on, my stuff is here.

And the good people at Creative Action Network, who are super ethical and support lots of good causes, have deals on as well, my stuff is here.

All of the above are very limited time and T&Cs apply, you can find details on the relevant sites, along with their shipping times. 
Proceeds fund marine conservation, and Smash the Patriarchy designs also support Planned Parenthood.

And last shipping days for Christmas for those who do that:

If you're buying direct from me on my etsy shop or from my website, the last days to get your order in for guaranteed delivery by Christmas are below. As always, if you'd like to reduce the number of trucks on the road and reduce the time and legwork involved, I can send cards direct to the recipient for you and write your message inside in my best curly handwriting, just add a note when you place your order. (If you're in one country and they are in another you may need to message me to sort out shipping details)

As ever, proceeds fund marine conservation.

And if you're looking for a perfect ethical gift, why not subscribe someone to my patreon, and I'll clean the beach for them :)

Last order dates from my etsy and website for Christmas delivery:

UK 19 December

Caribbean: 29 November
Australia, NZ, Greece, Italy, Portugal: 2 December
Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Cypress, Malta, Sweden: 6 December
Eastern Europe: 8 December
Canada, US, Finland: 9 December
Rest of Europe: 14 December

October 2021: New greetings cards!

I've designed some new cards, you can buy them in my etsy store here.

Every card sold helps fund marine conservation, beach cleans and outreach to raise awareness of marine plastic pollution through my eXXhibition project. Cards are printed on FSC certified 100% recycled card with vegetable based inks and are fully recyclable. Eco friendly and sustainable, plastic-free with no pointless packaging, and ship anywhere in the world in a recyclable board back envelope.

As always, if you'd like to reduce the number of trucks on the road, I can write your message in the card and send it direct to the recipient - just add a note to your order.

All the love, Candy xxx

September 2021: New stuff in Clarkes in Brighton

Clarkes Art Studio and Gallery has had a switch around with lots of lovely new stuff from lots of lovely artists, including me :)

Go take a look if you can, you'll be supporting local artists, and sales of my work fund marine conservation.

All the love, Candy xxx

April 2021: What a Waste

I was super delighted to be asked to make an upcycled beach garbage sculpture to be a prop in the student film 'What a Waste'.

Inspired by the huge numbers of hermit crabs that are now making their homes from discarded plastic waste instead of shells because plastic pollution is, tragically, more readily available, I made Hermione the Hermit Crab from bubble wrap and plastic containers found on beach cleans and reclaimed wire.

She's currently busy shooting (and shedding flakes of orange paint all over everything), along with some of my upcycled canvases, and the film should be ready in September. Below are a couple of work in progress pics and Hermione on set :)

All the love, Candy xxx

March 2021: Imagine that I did something during Lockdown

It's not March at all, but I haven't updated this in so long I thought I'd pretend it's still March, so that if it's your first time here it looks like maybe I turn up occasionally.  In a minute I'm going to pretend it's February. No one reads this stuff anyway, right? If you actually want updates you're much better off taking a look at my twitter, facebook or insta.

You know what I have been doing with lockdown? Learning Portuguese. O cavalo não corta a cebola e a aranha tem um bolo. It's coming along great.

All the love, Candy xxx

February 2021: Pet Portraits, you know you want one :)

I absolutely adore creating portraits of all your lovely furbabies (and finbabies, featherbabies, weirdcreepybugbabies, etc), and possibly the best bit of my job is when someone sees their pet portrait for the first time and bursts into tears (in a good way, obviously... )

Here are my latest pieces: Mars & Huzzah!, Toby, and Jess. I can work from photos and I ship worldwide in plastic-free packaging, more info here, or contact me if you fancy a chat about what you're looking for.

All the love, Candy xxx

September 2020 - Kashgar's Artefact hits the shelves!

I absolutely love making album artwork, getting to hear all the unfinished ideas before anyone else and turning the music into visual art. This is my second time working with Kashgar, it's always a pleasure, and I had a great time bringing the Kashgar Animal Band to life :)

The album brings you a dynamic fusion of progressive rock, global rhythms and jazz sensibilities, and you can listen to it here. If you're not a fan of spotify, itunes and the like, there are also CDs available! Kashgar are on facebook here.

You can see some of the other album and single artwork I've done here.

June 2020: Artist of the Week, and recognition from the Ecuadorian Navy!

I had two lovely presents for World Oceans Day this year. In the post I got a certificate from Rear Admiral Lenin Sanchez Mino of the Ecuadorian Navy for my work with eXXpedition, and, according to Google translate, I am now recognised as an 'equinoctial sea rider', which is most certainly going on my CV. And my sea-sters and I were featured in KeiSei Magazine talking about plastic pollution.

I'm also Artist of the Week over at Brighton Journal, chatting about my work, including upcycling and my Booby Birds :)

All the love, Candy xxx

May 2020: 1883 Magazine

Thank you to the lovely folks over at 1883 magazine for this piece, featuring me and my sea-sters Jessica and Emily talking about the women-led war on plastic pollution. I also forgot to share another piece with you in March, in Made in Shoreditch Magazine. I'm doing an interview next week with Brighton Journal as well, so look out for that one too :)

All the love, Candy xxx

May 2020: More Boobies!

Well I certainly couldn't have predicted the popularity of my Booby Birds comic, especially as I was pretty sure I was the only one who would think it was funny, but it's turned out to be one of the most popular things I've ever done!

If you haven't seen my boobies yet, I'm posting a new one (almost) daily over on facebook, twitter and instagram.

I've also had a bunch more cards printed (FSC certified 100% recycled, vegetable based inks, plastic-free packaging), you can have them shipped direct to you (for sending or framing), or if you prefer I can send them direct to your loved ones with your own message written inside. You can get them here. Thank you for your support!

All the love, Candy. xxx

April 2020: Hooray for Boobies!

So, mostly for my own amusement, I started drawing comics of how booby birds are coping with social isolation. I really thought that I was the only person who would find them funny, but then it kind of took off and went a tiny bit viral.

A lot of people asked for cards, so I've had some printed (on recycled card with plastic-free packaging, natch) and they are available here. I did list them on etsy, but etsy decided that we're not allowed to laugh at social isolation and took them down. So now they are on my website instead.

You can have them shipped direct to you, or if you prefer I can send them direct to your loved ones with your own message written inside.

Stay safe,
All the love,

March 2020: Corona update

So, it's come to this... I'm sorry to announce that all my beach cleans and workshops are cancelled until further notice, and all the upcoming exhibitions I was taking part in have also been cancelled. Sadly, this includes this year's Adur Art Trail, which I know many members of the Adur Art Collective have already put a lot of work into, and I was going to be showing illustrations from my Galapagos trip (here is a pic of a booby bird to tide you over). Montague Gallery is also closed.

I'm still selling greetings cards and colouring cards, which you can buy here, and tiny canvases (message me to commission one), as I can pop them in the post box. If you need to send a card to someone and can't get to a post box yourself, message me and I can write out the card for you and send it direct to the recipient. 

I'm not sending out other items, which I would normally send recorded delivery, as this is not currently possible. Thank you very much for your patience regarding this, and if you've ordered something and can't wait, please contact me for a refund.

I'm still sending out work that can be delivered digitally, so if you're after something that I can email over, hit me up. Isolation is the ideal time to write that book or make that album, and you'll be needing a cover for that :)

Redbubble are also currently up and running selling my stuff mail order here.

Any questions do get in touch.

Stay safe,
All the love,

February 2020: Back on Dry Land

I'm back! A lot of science, a lot of seasickness, a lot of plastic floating by... nine full days at sea (with no internet!)... sampling for plastics on the surface of the water, in the water column and in the sediment... working on solutions, cooking for fourteen, giving talks at science centres, using a toilet that I don't want to talk about... all with my fabulous, amazing, wonderful women sea-sters. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible.

You can see all my pics on instgram @candymedusa and they are also on facebook. Upcoming exhibitions of my illustrations from my trip have been postponed due to corona, I'll keep you updated.

January / February 2020: it's time to join my leg of eXXpedition Round the World

Thanks to all my wonderful supporters, I'm off to join SS TravelEdge in Panama, from where I'll be sailing to the Galapagos on an all-female research mission. I'll be doing lots of lovely artwork as resident artist, doing lots of science stuff sampling for marine plastic pollution, and doing lots of outreach raising awareness.

You can track the boat here, and look out for blog posts from the crew here. For an idea of the kind of things we'll get up to, there's a movie of my previous trip with eXXpedition here, and if you have a poke about in the menu at the top of this page (or at the side, depending on how you're viewing it, it's around here somewhere) you'll find some more info about my involvement with the project. I'll be updating facebook, twitter and instagram when I can, but I don't think there's much of a signal in the middle of the ocean, so I'll be posting lots of pics when I get back.

If you haven't supported me yet and would like to, you can always become a patron, take a look at my gofundme, or buy my art.

Thank you again to everyone who made this possible, you're all amazing.
All the loves, Candy xxx

January 2020: Fundraising update

Happy New Year and thank you all so much for your continued support! You're all marvelous! My kickstarter ended in December, and although I didn't meet my target, loads of people were happy to support me anyway (thank you again!). I've had sponsorship from local businesses including balmond's and mooncup, and sales of my upcycled artwork from Montague Gallery in Worthing have really helped fund-raise for my latest project. I've had such lovely messages of encouragement as well, it really means a lot.

My teeny tiny canvases (pictured) have been particularly popular, contact me if you'd like one - just £10 each plus shipping (£3 UK, £6 everywhere else, plastic-free packaging), all proceeds to marine conservation. Mixed media with upcycled marine plastic, includes tiny easel.

And if you'd like to help me keep our beaches clean, there's always gofundme or patreon. Thank you so much for being there!

All the loves, Candy xxx

November 2019: Kickstarter update

So far I've had a fabulous response to my kickstarter, thank you all so much! I'm at 14% of the total, but with only 19 days to go, I've got a lot more fundraising to do if I'm going to reach my target by 1st December. If you haven't had a look yet, please take a look here, you can help me fight plastic pollution and get lots of fabulous, ethical, arty rewards.

My project has also made the papers, I'm in the Portsmouth News, Shoreham Herald, and the Worthing Herald, and I'm delighted to have the support of my local Green Candidate Leslie Groves Williams.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped so far, and please do keep sharing, if you know someone who might be interested please tag or message them, don't rely on it coming up in their social media feed - you know what it's like :)

All the love,
Candy xxx

October 2019: Please support my Kickstarter!

I'm saving the world again :) I've been selected out of thousands of applicants (go me!) to sail to the Galapagos Islands with the eXXpedition Round the World project in January 2020, as resident artist and as a scientist, to research plastic pollution and find ways to reduce it, and raise awareness with exhibitions of my artwork made from upcycled plastic pollution.
It's an 'all-or-nothing' fundraiser, which means I have to reach my target by December 1st. There are lots of lovely, arty, upcycly rewards for you pledge, and they'll be with you by Christmas so they make great ethical gifts.
Please take a look here:

Rewards for backing my kickstarter:

August 2019: 'Waste' at Skyway Gallery

My new piece 'Waste' is on show at Skyway Gallery, Shoreham, every day until 31st August, along with lots of other lovely art from Adur Art Collective.

Waste is a mixed media piece showing marine life at risk from plastic pollution, mounted in a silhouette of a single use coffee cup. It highlights the dangers to our oceans from our throwaway society, and our disregard for wildlife, which so often comes second place to convenience.

Go take a look if you're local, it's free :)

All the love, Candy.

July 2019: See my art in a new gallery in Brighton!

The wonderful Clarkes Art Shop in Brighton's North Laine have converted their top floor into a beautiful gallery, showcasing work from local artists. My Upcycled Oceans canvases are being displayed, and you can also choose from a selection of my greetings cards. Plus downstairs there's a wonderful range of stationery and art supplies to browse, because who doesn't need more art supplies?

Hope you can visit soon :)
All the love, Candy.

June 2019: Plastic Free Lewes

After I made a couple of (fairly embarrassing) videos about plastic-free cleaning (which you can see here), I was invited by Plastic Free Lewes to come to their Plastic Free Pledge launch event, 'There is No Planet B', to chat to people about reducing their plastic footprint around the house. I took along my upcycled artwork, my plastic-free packaging-free greetings cards, and I also took a bunch of plastic-free toiletries and cleaning stuff from my own kitchen cupboards, which sparked far more interest than I was expecting... 

Having people fondle my flannel was a unique experience, but so many people had never considered using a flannel or a cloth to wash their faces instead of using a face wipe (which contains plastic and is wasteful single-use) - it was wonderful to sow the seeds of plastic-free living with so many lovely visitors.

June 2019: Fauna (and Flora)

I was delighted to take part in the St Mary de Haura annual exhibition again this year, it was a great success as usual, with many visitors saying it was the best yet.

I displayed a new piece, 'Ghost', a whale fluke made from upcycled ghost net found on Brighton and Shoreham beaches.
When fishing nets arediscarded at sea, they go right on doing what they are designed to do. Abandonednets, known as ghost nets, can continue ‘fishing’ for decades, trapping,injuring or drowning many sea creatures, including seals, turtles, seabirds andwhales.

Also pictured: My mixed media piece 'Old and New', juxtaposing the new BA i360 with the ruins of West Pier, Brighton, which was shown at St Mary de Haura in 2017. I have a some limited edition giclee prints of Old and New still available, do contact me if you'd like to buy one (ships anywhere, plastic-free packaging), and it's also on greetings cards here

May 2019: I'm going to be sailing (again) to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans!

I'm so excited to announce that I've been selected to sail to the Galapagos Islands with the eXXpedition Round the World project in January 2020, as resident artist and as a scientist, to research plastic pollution and find ways to reduce it. 

You can find out all about what I'm doing, and how you can help, here.

Please do take a look :)

All the love, Candy.

Some images from my first sailing with eXXpedition in 2016:

April 2019: Montague Gallery is back!

Montague Gallery in Liverpool Street Worthing is now back and better than ever. With 37 artists there's a wonderfully curated collection to view and buy, including my Upcycled Ocean collection.

These canvases are made using upcycled plastic found on local beach cleans, and showwildlife at risk from plastic pollution. Every sale helps fund beach cleans,outreach, workshops and research into plastic pollution. The canvas is FSC sustainable, and the glue is vegan.

I'm in every Wednesday morning, come and say hi :)

All the love, Candy.

Twitter Art Exhibit in Edinburgh

This is my submission for the #TwitterArtExhibit, which this year is taking place in aid of the charity Art in Healthcare. I think it's my sixth year taking part, each year in a different country and for a different charity.

Mixed media, with surf and seaturtle hatchlings made from upcycled plastic pollution found on beach cleans.

#TAE19 takes place 11 to 13 May at Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 32-36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG.

All the love, Candy.

March 2019: Upcycled Oceans

For the re-opening of Montague Gallery on April 3rd, I've been hard at work making some new miniature oceans. They are all mixed media on FSC sustainable canvas, with details made from upcycled plastic pollution found on local beach cleans.

Every sale of one of my upcycled oceans goes to help fund beach cleans, community outreach, talks, workshops, social media stuff, and everything that I'm able to do because of your support. You can also support my Patreon here.

All the love, Candy.

March 2019: Please support my Patreon!

So I've finally set up a Patreon to help me save the planet. All the stuff I do, cleaning beaches, making art by upcycling the plastic pollution I find on the beach, exhibiting the art to raise awareness of plastic pollution, giving talks and workshops, making infographics, doing social media stuff, working with lots of different groups, leading community outreach, showing people simple ways to reduce their plastic footprint and how they can make easy changes that can have a big impact for the planet, sailing with the eXXpedition girls as resident artist aboard Sea Dragon, working to explore solutions to the impacts of single-use plastics in the world’s ocean... all of this stuff and more is made possible by people buying my art, donations, sponsorship, kickstarter pledges, and the kind support of patrons - I couldn't do it without your continued support, so massive thanks for your help.

If you're new to the idea of Patreon, or new to what I do - Patreon is a funding platform for creatives, that allows you to support my work for a s little as $1 a month. You get to be a patron of the arts and and eco-warrior, you'll get exclusive updates, and I'll clean an area of beach just for you.

You can support my Patreon here. Thank you!

February 2019: I won another thing :)

Brighton and Hove Arts Council recently asked for submissions for publicity images for their prestigious Annual Exhibition in Brighton (I'll be exhibiting there again this year...) so I asked all the fine folks who follow me on facebook to vote for their fave pics of mine, and they chose wisely, because 'Seagull' went on to be chosen to promote the private view. The system works :)

You can buy this image as wall art, apparel, soft furnishings and other lovely stuff here.

Thanks to everyone who expressed a preference!
All the Love, Candy.

February 2019: Don't mention the L word

If you're looking for a Love Day card, I've got you covered. None of them are particularly love-related, but they are printed locally on recycled card with vegetable based inks, are shipped mail order to anywhere without any plastic packaging, and probably look more thoughtful than the same card you've bought three years in a row from a well known chain, so they've got that going for them, which is nice. You can order them here.

All the love, Candy.

January 2019: Farewell for now to Montague Gallery

After a very successful two months in Worthing with more than 30 other artists, the pop-up Montague Gallery has closed its doors for the time being - but we are going to be back in the spring - watch this space :)

Thank you so much to everyone came to see us, and all the wonderful, positive comments we received about bringing unique art to the high street.

Until we're back in Worthing, you can always see my work at these locations / websites. All the love, Candy.

November 2018: Worthing, I am in you!

For the next two months I'll be joining 32 other local artists at the pop-up Montague Gallery in Worthing. We'll have a wide range of original art and crafts, including paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, glass, textiles and jewellery. 

I've made some new illustrations of Worthing for the exhibition, including the Pavilion Theatre and the Southern Pavilion, pictured here. 
**update: Southern Pavilion has now sold, prints available on request**

Find us in the Montague Quarter, Liverpool Road, Worthing, BN11 1YJ

August 2018: Special offer on Pet Portraits

***** Update: Offer extended until the end of August 2018 *****

I've got a fabulous offer for all you lovely folks - a third off Pet Portraits!
You get an original mixed media artwork, a unique illustration of your pet, signed and mounted to A4 size, ready to frame. 
Usually £55, they're a third off, just £36 if you order by midnight Sunday 19 August 2018. *** Update: Offer extended until the end of August 2018 ***

Ships worldwide, £5 UK shipping, £10 everywhere else. Plastic free packaging. T&Cs on request. Contact me to order.

All the love, Candy

June 2018: eXXhibition at Carats

June 2 to 17, I've got my upcycled artwork at Carats Cafe on Southwick Beach, raising awareness of marine plastic pollution and suggesting some simple ways to reduce your plastic footprint. 

I'll also be running a beach clean and an upcycling workshop. More info here, or pick up a trail guide.

You can find out more about my upcycled artwork here, and the eXXhibition project here.

All the love, Candy

May 2018: Cover Girl

The pinnacle of my artistic career :)

Not only is my Adur Art Trail artwork on bus shelters, but also, a picture of me, with my artwork on a bus shelter, is on the front of the newspaper.

I'm fairly sure I must have exceeded my allocated fifteen minutes of fame by now...

This year for the Adur Art Trail I'll be showing my artwork at 
Venue 1: Carats Cafe in Southwick, 
Venue 4: Shoreham Art Gallery
Venue 6: St Mary de Haura, and 
Venue 8: Centrepiece.

(and on bus shelters...)

All the love, Candy

April 2018: Montague Quarter Gallery

For seven weeks from April 12 2018, I'll have my upcycled artwork at the Montague Quarter Gallery in Worthing, raising awareness of plastic pollution      

Located next to HMV, the gallery will be open 10am-4pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each week and will offer a multi media mix of art, photography and sculpture. More here.     

April 2018: Hot Off the Press

The adur art trail guides with my cover artwork have arrived!

Don't they look lovely?

This year I'll be showing my artwork at
Venue 1: Carats Cafe in Southwick,
Venue 4: Shoreham Art Gallery
Venue 6: St Mary de Haura, and
Venue 8: Centrepiece.

All the love, Candy

January 2018: ingénu/e

I'm delighted to appear in the current print edition of ingénu/e magazine, which you can pick up for free at galleries, art centres, hotels, tourist information points, art, craft and music shops, theatres, and other such outlets across the south of England, including of course alongside my artwork at Shoreham Art Gallery.

You can also view the online edition here.

All the love, Candy

December 2017: Bears Ears

As Trump progresses further and further beyond parody, I find myself less and less able to control my incredulity at every single thing he says or does.

Amongst an ongoing catalogue of assorted environmental and human rights atrocities, Trump recently issued two proclamations to remove federal protections from roughly 2 million acres in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments, which is the largest reduction of public lands protections in U.S. history. 

I've made the artwork on the right (or possibly not on the right, depending on what device you're using) for Creative Action Network, to help spread the word - it's time to stand together to protect our parks, our monuments, and our planet.

All the love, Candy

November 2017: It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmas

Well, Halloween has been and gone, and apparently that means it's time to start your seasonal shopping even though you still have half a bag of trick or treat sweets to get through and you haven't managed to pick the last bits of fake cobweb off of your soft furnishings yet.
Personally, I won't do any of my Christmas shopping until December (and in some cases not until January...) but it's about now that people start asking me for my Merry Fishmas cards, so I've put them back up on etsy just for the more organised amongst you :)

All the love, Candy.

October 2017: Inktober

It's that time again! Every day in October I'll be making a pen and ink sketch for one of the daily prompts in Jake Parker's Inktober. You can see the sketches daily on my instagram, twitter and facebook.

Last inktober everyone loved my sausage dog in the bath so much that this year I'll be drawing him for every prompt :) If you'd like to commission a portrait of your pet, just get in touch.

All the love, Candy.

August 2017: eXXhibition in London

The eXXpedition girls, with whom I was resident artist in the Caribbean last year, are currently sailing round Great Britain aboard the Sea Dragon, spreading #oceanoptimism and raising awareness of plastic pollution.

I'll be joining them on the London leg of their journey at the following events:

August 31st I'll be running a free drop-in workshop upcycling beach litter into art at St Katherines Docks, where Sea Dragon will be berthed. More details here.

I'll also be showing people around Sea Dragon and talking about our mission on September 1st, more here.

And on the weekend of 2 and 3 September I'll be at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, upcycling with Jo Atherton of Flotsam Weaving. More here.

Hope to see you there, you can also catch coverage of all the eXXpedition Round Great Britain events on Sky Ocean Rescue.

All the love, Candy

July 2017: Brighton Journal

Had a lovely interview with Laura at Brighton Journal; you can read about my latest work, upcycling, #oceanoptimism, saving the world and smashing the patriarchy here.

All the love, Candy.

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